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Before your sunless tan:

  • Exfoliate/Shave 24 hours prior

  • Waxing, Mani/Pedis should be done 48+ hours prior

  • No deodorants, lotions or body oils the day of appt.

  • Wear or bring loose clothing and flip flops to your appt.

After your sunless tan:

  • Rinse in shower, no soap/shampoo until water runs completely clear 2-4 hours post tan depending on your desired tan

  • Moisturize twice a day to keep skin hydrated and prolong your tan

  • Avoid long baths, hot tubs and swimming pools if possible

  • No Dove products, they will strip your tan

  • No lotions or body wash containing alcohol, mineral oil or fragrances. Ask your tanning professional about aftercare products that won't strip your tan .

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